Get More Organized @ Home
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You may feel overwhelmed right now, and perhaps you don’t even know where to
start. You’ll be relieved to know that most clients I work with have these same
thoughts. So, think of getting organized as a
journey to a more fulfilling life. It's
your personal adventure - unique to you, your style, your preferences, and your needs.

When it comes to getting organized, there really is no typical session. Here’s
what you can expect when working with me. I will:

  • Ask questions and help you discover what is important to you.
  • Challenge you to view your items and your life from a fresh perspective.
  • Explore your options and help you identify obstacles in the way of achieving your
  • Encourage you to make decisions and keep moving forward.
  • Listen and answer your questions.

In your home, I can help you achieve your goals through regular:

  1. Phone Coaching
  2. On-site Organizing
  3. Consultation-Only

The duration and type of organizing sessions can vary with your goals, needs,
budget and schedule. I can help you:

  • Restore order throughout your entire home including home office.
  • Sort through years of accumulation.
  • Create functional work spaces.
  • Organize your important info, including papers, file systems and electronic files.
  • Reclaim space for family activities.

Now is the time to invest in your future.

Are you ready for your adventure?  
Contact me so you can take steps toward making your life organized and easier.
I’m excited to help you begin your journey to a more organized home.
What Others Have to Say
"I am so much more efficient in my Kitchen!  Everything I
use regularly is conveniently located where I use it!  I
know where everything is without thinking about it.  I don't
open multiple drawers anymore to locate the right utensil!"

Client in Ann Arbor, Michigan
"I have so much more space
in my closet.  Thank you,
Ann Marie, for the simple,
inexpensive tricks!"

Client in Waterford, MI
"I am so happy that I went ahead with
all this at this point in my life. I have a
better attitude about life now and I am
able to continue to do some of these
organizational things that I wasn't able
to do alone before. You, and with the
help of Carl, have inspired me.  
I thank you both so much!"

Client in Marshall, Michigan
"Like a reverse tornado, Ann Marie Moore came into my office and in a very short
period of time, delivered the greatest gift you can give a creative person... Peace of
mind.  My work efficiency has quadrupled. I actually enjoy the time I spend working in
that space now, when for so long I felt overwhelmed by it all.  Thanks Ann Marie!!!"

Client in Hollywood Hills, California
"Before I started working with you I
thought I'd only be able to afford one
or two sessions, tops.  Now I realize I
can't afford to do without your help.  
Thank you, you are truly a blessing!"

Client in Marshall, Michigan
"I feel so much better now that I
have a working system for all the
stuff I have to do.  Before I was so
stressed out trying to figure it out
on my own, and that was only
making me more stressed.  Thank
you for helping me sort it all out!"

Client in Richland, Michigan
"I can finally enjoy my home again!  
I no longer worry when there's
someone knocking on my door."

Client in Battle Creek, Michigan
"It's so much easier to go through all my
stuff and make decisions when you're
Thank you for being so patient
with me.  I appreciate that you let me
work at my own pace and let me make
all the decisions."

Client in Battle Creek, Michigan
"I would only have lasted one
hour going through all this stuff
by myself.  Thank you for helping
me stay focused and get it done."

Client in Fort Wayne, Indiana
"My husband was so relieved
when I told him you said that I
don't need to purchase more
organizational products!"

Client in Richland, Michigan
"My husband is elated with my progress and appreciates
my efforts and commitment to making change around the
house.  Again- I thank you for your help!  I don't know
how I ever would have done this without your help.  I feel
that the cloud is lifted!  I can't wait to get up into the
garage attic this spring!!! "

Client in Concord, Michigan
"After your last visit, I stayed up until 11:00pm getting ALL of
my linens, tablecloths, towels, bedding, blankets, quilts etc.
sorted through.....I was able to purge and brought about 4
boxes and a large bag to the local shelter.  This weekend I
sorted through stuff in my drawers and I got rid of another ton
of unused stuff- you would be proud of me!  It looks great and
I can even find stuff.  Also, I have really found the separating
my shirts by color to be very helpful!  Thank you so much!!!"

Client in Concord, Michigan
Helping you make the most of your time and space.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Using the right organizational tools is
critical to becoming and staying
organized. We try to
repurpose and
reuse products you already own,
but can assist with purchasing new

Throughout the process we will help
recycle as much as possible,
when practical to do so, to avoid
sending more than necessary to
a landfill.  

Items we recycle include:
  • newspapers & magazines
  • office paper
  • junk mail
  • catalogs & phone books
  • paper board (cereal boxes)
  • cardboard
  • plastics #1-5 & #7
  • glass bottles & jars
  • aluminum cans
  • old batteries
  • some electronics

In most cases we will
transport the
recyclable items to the recycling drop-
off center for you after each session.
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